New Year’s Resolution: Broaden Skillset

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With New Year’s resolutions being made once a year, it seems like a pretty tall order to fulfill everything within a year, especially if your resolutions are more quantitative (i.e., reading x number of books and going on y number of trips).

I usually try to avoid tacking on a number to resolutions and leave them more open-ended. If it turns out I meet a resolution to some degree, I’ll be happy with my accomplishments. Like my marketing professor would say– underpromise, overdeliver.

But anyway, another resolution I have is to broaden my skillset. I’ve been looking into a number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) being offered, though some may argue they’re not all that helpful. In any case, I doubt classes like these hurt you more than help you, so it might be worth a shot to try one out.

So what am I hoping to learn this year and beyond? Here’s my list (and they’re all free!):

Google Analytics courses through Analytics Academy

I’m fascinated by data and charts, and we use Google Analytics quite a bit in my office. When the Analytics Academy is “open”, you can engage with other students and even earn certificates after completion.

Statistics through Coursera

Admittedly, I didn’t pay a lot of attention in my statistics classes during college. It wasn’t until I took a statistics for marketing course that I realized how interesting it was, especially with the type of software we used in class. So I want to go back and relearn stats concepts properly. After all, I’m toying with the idea of getting a Master’s in statistics so I can get into “Big Data”.

Inbound Certification course through Hubspot

If you’re in marketing, chances are you’ve at least heard of Hubspot. They’ve developed their own software that helps you monitor how well your inbound marketing (content marketing) tactics are doing. I’m not even sure what the full capabilities of their software are, but they definitely know how to help you and your brand grow.

Apparently this course has a lot of videos that highlight best practices in writing blog content, utilizing social media effectively, and other topics in that vein. I think this may be one of the more interesting courses I’ll be taking (just because it’s super applicable to my current job).

Graphic design courses through CreativeLive

At work, I also do a bit of graphic design for flyers and other small projects like that. So it’s definitely worth brushing up on and picking up on some better design skills. While not all the courses they offer are exactly what I’m looking for (i.e., “Get the Design Job You Want”), they have plenty to choose from.

At the risk of overpromising, I am going to leave this list a little short. Hopefully by the end of 2015, I can proudly tell you guys everything I learned.

Worst case, there’s always next year to learn!

Brain poke of the day: Are there any skills you’re trying to learn or brush up on?

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