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Greetings! Maybe you’ve got some questions about what you’re looking at. Well, I’ve got some answers.


I play old school games like Sims 1 and Simcopter live on Twitch every Monday and Friday, starting at 4pm ET.


You can help me keep things growing by giving to my tip jar or subscribing on Twitch—either is greatly appreciated. ♥

Can’t Catch Me Live?

Aligning schedules can be tough. That’s why my VODs (Videos on Demand) are available shortly after I finish my streams on Twitch. I’m also working on creating and uploading edited versions of my livestreams onto YouTube and TikTok.

Join the Community Discord!

Want to join in on the convo off-stream? You can join the 🐏 Ram Fam 🐏 server with this nifty invite link. Make sure you also read the intro and rules to get full access: https://discord.gg/8SVT7UwdpE