The perfectly imperfect leaf

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For the past few years, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this blog—and for all the thinking I did, I failed to actually do what I’ve wanted to do all along: write. I’m revitalizing my little space on the internet to use it to my liking and worry less about whether […]

Why networking is bullshit (sometimes)

Categories: Career, Life

If you’re the type to dread the thought of going up to someone and strike up conversation, you’re probably also the type to hate networking. It’s because you want to look beyond the sterile “give and take” archetypal relationship that tends to form when people think about networking. You’re probably the type who likes building […]

Fear the future. Fear it well.

Categories: Life

If college taught me anything, it’s that no matter how much I want to prepare for the future, there’s absolutely no guarantee for anything. We go to college with the idea that we’ll come out of it with a comfortable, cushy job, and then we have our dreams crushed when it takes months, and months, […]

Becoming a Ngo-Getter by Celebrating

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It’s with my heartfelt thanks to each of you readers that we come to the final piece of the Ngo-Getter blog series. The past two months have been eye-opening and challenging (since I’m not very used to diligently publishing blog posts once a week like clockwork), but I’ve learned a lot about myself and the […]

Becoming a Ngo-Getter with Accountability

Categories: Becoming a Ngo-Getter

The goals that we set for ourselves are all well and good, but how do we ensure that we’re actually taking steps to get us closer to achieving them? Now that we’ve established our goals and are working steadily towards them, let’s talk about how we hold ourselves accountable for our progress. During the planning […]

Becoming a Ngo-Getter with Consistency

Categories: Becoming a Ngo-Getter

You know how we talked about scheduling your days out so that you spend an adequate amount of time on each of your goals? If you keep it up through the year(s) and continually push yourself to new limits, you’re going to eventually see results. That brings us to our next piece in the Ngo-Getter […]

Becoming a Ngo-Getter with Focus

Categories: Becoming a Ngo-Getter

Now that you’re on your way to Ngo-Getter-ism (Is that a thing? Can we make that a thing?), now’s the time to really get down in the weeds and (cue 90’s nostalgia) I’ll unabashedly admit my love for the internet and its (over)abundance of dank memes, but hell, it’s given us so many new ways […]