The Importance of Brand Image This Thanksgiving

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Here’s the first installment of Thoughtful Thursdays, where I’ll be discussing marketing and other business-related topics. Happy Thanksgiving! In the past few years we’ve seen an increasing amount of negative press against businesses choosing to open their stores on Thanksgiving. But why has it been making such a stink? The differences in opinions (whether you’re […]

Introductions and Contemplation, with a Bit of Flair [Infographic]

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What’s up, my posse? Happy Maniacal Monday! Today is the official debut of this blog, which means that we’re in for some celebratory treats (sorry, no physical champagne will actually be distributed. You’ll have to make do with these pixels) and an introduction. First off, I’d like to give my humble thanks to those of […]


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Youkoso– welcome! If you’re here, that means you’re at least somewhat interested in what this website is all about. To me, this is more than just a place to give my opinion; it’s a career tool that will help me log my greatest achievements, learn from my mistakes, and foster an environment where people like […]