5 Stores that Nailed the Online Shopping Experience

Categories: Marketing

You’d be crazy if you think online shopping isn’t a big deal. Just think about the number of brands off the top of your head that don’t offer their products online in some shape or form. I remember H&M lacked this capability for some time, and it was, as a consumer, pretty inconvenient for me. […]

Setting Goals for Personal Success

Categories: Career, Life

Recently I had a conversation with my fiance about whether I was stretching myself too thin with the extracurriculars I do outside of work. Since graduating and going from an insane class/work schedule to a regular office job, I’m attempting to tweak #5 of the 23 Things I’ve Learned.

23 Lessons Learned in 23 Years – Part Two

Categories: Life

Happy birthday to me! Yes, you read me right– I am now 23 years old. And to celebrate, here’s the second-half of the 23 lessons I’ve learned in my (now) 23 years of living (if you haven’t read the first half, click here):