How to relax: RampantAsian style

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I had a dentist appointment last week to check out my sore jaw and found out that I’m on my way to TMJ if I don’t do anything to correct it. Yikes. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) is a result of clenching and grinding your teeth to the point that the joint cushion for your jaw […]

How to Choose What to Read Next

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My bookshelf — which we only recently moved from our apartment — is already steadily filling up even despite my reading hiatus that began in high school and ended only recently. I’m excited though, because I’m reading things that make me think, laugh, cry, and a whole bunch of other emotions and feelings. But I find […]

Setting Goals for Personal Success

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Recently I had a conversation with my fiance about whether I was stretching myself too thin with the extracurriculars I do outside of work. Since graduating and going from an insane class/work schedule to a regular office job, I’m attempting to tweak #5 of the 23 Things I’ve Learned.

23 Lessons Learned in 23 Years – Part Two

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Happy birthday to me! Yes, you read me right– I am now 23 years old. And to celebrate, here’s the second-half of the 23 lessons I’ve learned in my (now) 23 years of living (if you haven’t read the first half, click here):

23 Lessons Learned in 23 Years – Part One

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Twenty-three seems hardly an age to start talking as if you have the wisdom of ten monks. But you’d be surprised just how much brainstuff I’ve accumulated in the past 23 years of my life. In honor of my (soon to be) 23rd birthday, here’s the first part of a list of 23 lessons I’ve […]