Why networking is bullshit (sometimes)

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If you’re the type to dread the thought of going up to someone and strike up conversation, you’re probably also the type to hate networking. It’s because you want to look beyond the sterile “give and take” archetypal relationship that tends to form when people think about networking. You’re probably the type who likes building […]

Fear the future. Fear it well.

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If college taught me anything, it’s that no matter how much I want to prepare for the future, there’s absolutely no guarantee for anything. We go to college with the idea that we’ll come out of it with a comfortable, cushy job, and then we have our dreams crushed when it takes months, and months, […]

Conquer the New Year

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For many people, and for a myriad of different reasons, 2016 sucked. Like, majorly hard. But I’m not here to tell you why the year sucked; this isn’t a reflection piece on all the bad, or even the loads of good that also happened this year. Instead, let’s talk about the future—what 2017 holds for […]

Rebuilding Self-Worth

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From my last blog post, “What to Expect During a Quarter-Life Crisis”, I gained humility and started to redefine what success is to me. I am fortunate enough to have friends and mentors who care to talk through with me what it is I’m looking for in life. One of those conversations revolved deeply around […]

What to Expect During a Quarter-Life Crisis

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Today, I turn twenty-five years old. Depending on who’s judging, I’m either super old (as per my brothers aged 7 and 8) or “still young”. It’s like I’m living in some strange purgatory-like life. Even professionally, I’ve been too ingrained in the “real world” to be considered a recent college graduate, and yet I’m nowhere […]

When Life Gives You Lemons…

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Optimism is undoubtedly a more pleasant way of looking at life. It allows for hope to reign, for light to shine when times get dark. It’s so ingrained in human nature that it’s been found even our languages gravitate towards the use of positive words. However, optimism can only bring us so far. Being really […]

Getting Rid of Toxic People

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According to Oxford Dictionaries, the word toxic is “relating to or caused by poison”, or, “very bad, unpleasant, or harmful”. When used in terms of “toxic relationships”, it’s not just about having a shitty boyfriend or girlfriend, but any type of interpersonal relationship you might have with someone—a friend, coworker, family member—that’s just bad for […]