Introductions and Contemplation, with a Bit of Flair [Infographic]

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What’s up, my posse? Happy Maniacal Monday! Today is the official debut of this blog, which means that we’re in for some celebratory treats (sorry, no physical champagne will actually be distributed. You’ll have to make do with these pixels) and an introduction.

First off, I’d like to give my humble thanks to those of you who have already shown your support by reading through last week’s pre-debut post and liking my page on Facebook. It really means a lot to me to see you guys helping me out.

But anyway, it’s really been an exciting past month week getting everything ready for this day! Instead of giving you guys my life story, I just wanted to present a mini infographic explaining who I am, in a nutshell.

RampantAsian Introduction Infographic

Yes, video games, marketing, and the internet are the largest portions of my life. I grew up as a nerdy kid who learned HTML and CSS through Lissa Explains It All and practiced on my Neopets userlookup; played video games with my best friend nearly every single day after school until high school; and spent hours upon hours reading through marketing textbooks and analyzing companies’ marketing campaigns.

So some of you may be thinking– okay, that’s great, Connie. You have hobbies and stuff (you nerd). But why should I follow along on your blog?

I have two answers for you. First: I want us to share our viewpoints, knowledge, and worlds. It sounds cheesy, but I truly and genuinely mean it. We should each strive to better understand the world and each other so that we can come to better understand ourselves.

Second: I want to motivate people so they realize that life isn’t just about what big things you do (or don’t do). All the little things done on a day-to-day basis count towards defining who you are– even from the way you brush your teeth (before or after eating breakfast), to the pacing of your walk to work.

Of course, everyone wants to leave a mark on the world, but no one can achieve that overnight. It takes months, years, decades of careful cultivation of all the little defining things that you do. I, for example, want to leave my mark on the internet as a motivator and marketing guru. I’ve had the idea to start a blog for some time but didn’t have the courage to do so. But here I am now, with you reading this very first blog post. As they say, better late than never.

Brain poke of the day: Do you have an aspiration that you haven’t started on yet? What’s ultimately holding you back? Do you know what the next step to take is?

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